Tal is your new fetish

Well hello!

I’m a curvy, wordy, ethical and very playful UK kinkster, model, camgirl, artist, stylist, photographer, webmistress and all-round interesting human tgirl delighting in my newfound gender and confidence, loving my comeback to London, and making moves like this site to provide people like me with pleasure and freedom through fetish and play and discourse. I’ll be sharing my adventures in gender online and doing my best to make the world around me a sweeter, sexier, kinkier and less closeted place to live and love and play for all you lovely queers and curious kittens!

So, I’m supporting my transition and my love of this lifestyle by sharing my sexyweirdness with clients and fans like… you?

Tal is a Camgirl

Being watched! It’s what gets me off most of all. If you’re similarly obsessed with satin, frills, the delightful complexities of ladies underthings, bondage, fetish, and shiny shiny cuffs’n’chains, then seems altogether likely we’d get along, because all that good stuff gives me the stripperific feels and the inclination to entertain!
Ever since my transition began I love being a fantasy 2D tgirl, living in your screen to make you feel sexy… so let’s start some playtimes!

I work on webcam and sell pics and videos here:
TSTallulahhh @ Chaturbate
TSTallulahhh @ Adultwork
Tallulahhh @ Onlyfans

I like crowd pleasing, proncraft, and I enjoy more intimate private 1-to-1 webcam bookings via skype / hangouts / teamviewer too. I’m also very enthusiastic about photo / video shoots (with real people with real portfolio and references) on a paid or content share basis.

Tal is a Stylist

Hey femme boys and occasional princesses! Do you dream of being dressed and prettied up by a girl like me? A girl with a big collection of satin, sissywear and classic lingerie? This bodes well, ‘cos I’m a big ol’ caring supportive mama bear when it comes to younger / more subby / less experienced sissies, crossdressers, part-time girls and femme costume lovers.
I’ve got a whole lot of sexy/cute costumes and outfits (maybe you’ve noticed) from SissyPink and a big collection of assorted satins, sexywear and lingerie. I’m the biggest proudest pussyless princess you know, and it would delight me very much to doll you up with makeup, dress you up in my prettiest things, take photos, and enjoy some playtimes or take you to a club!
I used to be a super-shy closet sissydoll, and I know how it feels to yearn to be feminised and prettied up by an experienced dolly, so come on over sometime and let me put you at ease and make you a sissy superstar!

Tal is a Dominatrix

I’ve always enjoyed making submissives squirm and I’ve rediscovered my love for tying and spanking and all that lovely stuff! Because I’m coming at it from a switch perspective, I know how to make it feel gooooood. I’m a pretty skilled bitch with ropes, chains crops and canes, and I very much enjoy using those skills to make submissive creatures of all genders weak at the knees (and/or reddened on the booty!)
I’m a lifelong devoted kinkster, switch and bondage nerd with a whole lotta toys and restraints and I love to use them! Maybe… on you?
If you’ve ever fantasized over my photos thinking about being used and playfully abused by a girl like me, this could be your chance!
I session in London.

Tal is a performer

If you’re not looking for 1-to-1 sessions with me, this is a perfect way to show your appreciation, earn my appreciation, and help me live my dream of producing hot genderbendy photos and videos and lifeblogs and interviews and whoknowswhat else for you to enjoy!

Tal is Multitalented

I also make websites. I made this one! It’s not my usual jam these days, but I’m a seasoned veteran of websites, digital artwork, photography, event organisation, traditional arts and an-all round variety of creative endeavours. If you’ve got kink / queer / sex / sexwork / trans community-positive business / web needs, then enquire (with equal respect to a session enquiry) about hiring my brain. It’s my best attribute in a variety of different and useful creative ways!

Tal is available for Sessions

If you’re interested in my services, enquire respectfully by email. London sessions of all kinds start @ £150 per hour, a deposit is required for all bookings and all bookings must made in advance.
I’m also offering introductory makeover sessions @ £250 for 2 hours of styling, dressing and photos. Take advantage while I’m eager to expand my portfolio!
I’m not offering any sexual contact. Put simply, my panties stay on!
Trash and rudeness will be ignored and/or posted on my twitter.

Let’s make something sexy happen!

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